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Battle: Posts Vs. Spam

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Dec. 9th, 2010 | 11:01 pm
posted by: craftsmas in happycraftsmas

Weird excessively restrictive posting issues have been fixed for all users so you can now post things. Sorry about that! We're not really sure what the deal was but you're all good now.

On a related note that is also different, per LiveJournal's recommendation during spotlights, this community is moderated for the duration of the spotlight. This is due to the heavy influx of new users, almost all of whom are awesome, and a very small few of whom have names like "xvczcvxbzxcvz" and post 500 times everywhere and as a bazillion comments on everything, about viagra and other, even less comprehensible things, that appear to be for sale at blowout prices. We're checking for new non-spam posts to approve throughout day, so post away, we're all ready and excited to hear your ideas!

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