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Because handmade really is sweeter.

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Hello everyone! This is a group for people who are into winter holiday handcrafting. All levels of crafters are welcome, and, while the name implies Christmas-oriented crafting, the group is open to all winter holiday crafting. Anything goes, from candy-stuffed felt dreidls to Jonkannu costume ideas.

So. Post your craft project ideas, instructions, recipes, finished objects, where-do-I-finds, and wish lists here!

Just a couple of basic guidelines for the group:

- This is not a commercial space, and commercial spam will not be tolerated.

- Obviously, don't harass people. If people harass you, don't get baited, just report them to your friendly moderator. Harassing posts will be deleted without warning, and repeat harassers will be banned.

- This list will be particularly likely to boot people if they fail to live up to common decency standards of religious tolerance and acceptance. You don't have to agree, but don't bring the argument to the list.

These guidelines are continually subject to revision as any problematic issues arise within the community.

Social capital

  • less than 10